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Who Needs a Forensic Genealogist?

  • Attorney ad litem
  • Executors
  • Bank & Trust Officers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Administrators
  • Trustees
  • Individuals
  • Title Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Property Owners
  • Buyers of Abandoned property
  • Mineral Owners
  • Immigration - Proof of citizenship through relative – need to prove next of kin
  • Children of US Citizen born abroad who have citizenship issues
  • Contested Guardianship issues – need to prove next of kin or closest kin
  • Dual Citizenship – persons wanting to acquire dual citizenship for European Union access (currently only available for Irish or Italian descendants, through grandparent)
Often, people that need forensic genealogical services are dealing with situations involving intestate, testate, or contested wills. The forensic genealogy work that Professional Ancestry Research does includes affidavits and reports that meet the criteria for legal and court proceedings. Some of the work in this area includes efforts to find missing heirs, determine kinship, and prepare exhibits for court cases.
Forensic genealogical research provides a reliable alternative to heir search firms. You will have the assurance that your research is conducted under strict ethical standards. When working with Professional Ancestry Research, you will know who is working on your case rather than a faceless employee at an heir search firm. Additionally, citations and supporting documents are in reports, and Professional Ancestry Research doesn't charge on a contingency basis, unlike some heir search firms.

Lawyer approaching the judge — Genealogy in Plano, TX
Advantages of Hiring an Attorney-Forensic Genealogist
  • Access to confidential and legal databases only available to attorneys
  • Trained client interviewer
  • Professional ethics
    • High Ethical standards
    • Not an Heir-Search firm
    • No pretense calling
    • No contingency fees
  • Due Diligence and Professional Reports – every fact in the reports has a footnote, a source citation of where that fact was found, and an accompanying exhibit showing the supporting document
  • Work nation-wide
Forensic Affidavits & Reports
Includes a formal report or affidavit suitable for submission in court or in a legal hearing.
  • Lost & Missing Heirs
  • Probate & Intestacy
  • Guardianship
  • Immigration & Citizenship
  • Preparation of Court Exhibits
  • Review of other's work
  • Oil, Gas, and Mineral Interests
  • Real Estate Title Issues
  • Identity and Kinship Determination
$125/hour - 4 hour minimum
Travel and expenses charged at cost.
Available as expert witness - fee variable.
Family Tree Help
Stuck in your family research? Need professional review of your online family tree and assistance in moving forward?
$100/hour - 2 hour minimum
No formal report - client will receive a log of findings and suggestions on what to do next.
Do you need someone to personally sit down with you to review your research, study your documents and photographs, help you organize what you have, and assist you in moving forward?
Use this option for an in-person consultation.
$100/hour in DFW area - 4 hour minimum.
+ travel time and expenses
Wanda Smith J.D., FGC℠ is a member of:
  • Texas Center for Legal Ethics
  • Council for Advancement of Forensic Genealogy
  • Association of Professional Genealogists
  • National Genealogical Society
  • Texas State Bar
  • Dallas Bar Association
  • Collin County Bar Association