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Testimonials For Forensic Genealogical Research Attorney

Cheryl U.
McKinney, Texas
"Wanda Smith is FANTASTIC, professional and timely! She is passionate about making connections for people that go far beyond what can be done on genealogy websites. Her expertise and skill set turned up information I could have never found. She has truly given my family the gift of knowledge, and we are beyond grateful."
Judith B.
Neosho, Wisconsin
"Thanks for the excellent research that you prepared regarding our case. The judge was impressed with all the work we had provided to him which included your report. I'm sure that your credentials and professional report were a factor in his judgment in our favor. I would recommend you, to anyone needing services. Thanks again, Wanda."
Becky M.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
"I was trying to track down information on a recently discovered grandfather and having difficulty locating meaningful data in my search. I knew a forensic genealogist would have the skills and the tools to find what I needed. I contacted Ms. Smith because she was the agent closest to me geographically, but fate intervened and put me in touch with not only a very competent professional, but a person of compassion and integrity who understood how best to aid my family in our quest for answers. I strongly recommend her services to anyone needing data not readily available to the casual researcher."
Fred Kempf
Kempf & Associates, PLLC
Dallas, Texas
"Wanda's ability to apply advanced genealogy tools to legal questions related to land ownership and heirship gives us a whole new way to solve vexing problems in our firm's work as a title examiner supporting the oil and gas industry."
Carole K.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"In order to handle some recent life insurance claims, I needed to prove kinship of several deceased relatives through various name changes. Ms. Smith located all of the documents I needed and provided an Affidavit of Kinship and Identity for the life insurance company in a prompt and professional manner."